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What are the benefits of using StayFit?

  1. Reach a wider client base in your local area through our website and StayFit #ForgetRoutineWorkouts App.
  2. Our technology strategically positions your profile and classes on major search engines, driving more traffic and client leads.
  3. Out shine your competitors with our premium services which includes promo ads and pro website design. Become the next best personal trainer.
  4. Drive more client sales, social media traffic (twitter, instagram, facebook and google), client reviews and ultimately grow your PT brand.
  5. No more hours wasted touting for business, just full diaries, maximum income, and making the most of your passion.

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Reach Clients In UK

There are thousands of potential clients searching for personal trainers on major search engines in the UK. StayFit’s technology works on bringing those clients to our site to view personal trainer profiles and thus generating leads. What we do to increase more sales and client leads to your profile.



We advertise on google, facebook, instagram and twitter among other media streams to get clients to view your profile. We reach over 100K clients through our network in the UK.

SEO & Reporting

We constantly improve your profile search rankings to get clients to contact you for personal training. Every month a report would be sent to show how well your are performing.

Promo Ads

We create personalised adverts (video or image base) which includes details about you and this is sent across vaious social media to promote your PT business and brand.

Website Design

Personal trainers get a responsive website designed and hosted by StayFit included in their subscription with extras such as SEO, Hosting, Domain & 5 Media Images.


We offer attractive pricing plans for everyone
and we like to be straight to the point
don’t serarch more excuses, we have the best low cost subscription plans available.

We only charge for subscriptions. We dont believe in charging our customers from what they earned just simple subscription payments. Did we mention that subscription costs start from only £14.99 for 3 months, that is roughly £4.99 a month. So get your Personal Trainer profile ready and to the public today.

Premium account members enjoy a Pro Website Designed and Managed By StayFit, Unlimited Class Creations, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Marketing Ads, Profile Statistics, Social Media Advertising and Reporting.

Clients Looking for Personal Trainers

There are clients at this moment on StayFit looking for their awesome personal trainer to help them with their fitness goals. Join our network and let clients know that you exist in their area and give them an awesome workout they will remember.