About us

Connecting Clients and Personal Trainers

Maintaining your fitness can be a tough challenge but getting that extra push from someone specialised in a fitness activity can provide better results and achieve your fitness goals. We connect people with Personal Trainers specialised in specific areas, whether it be muscle building, toning or even kickboxing. It can be more rewarding and enjoyable to work out with a dedicated Personal Trainer.

Who we are

StayFit was founded by two fitness enthusiasts, one of whom has extensive experience in the fitness industry. We have a small team that is passionate about everything personal training and enjoy bringing you the best PT site.

StayFit was created to help personal trainers and fitness instructors grow their business and expand their client reach. Trainers can promote their business services via our website and mobile app. Our aim is to provide clients and personal trainers with a means of connecting with one another. Our site provides a quick and easy search facility to locate and contact personal trainers in your local area.

For our wonderful personal trainers, we provide you with a free trial to create a StayFit profile and explore our great services. Our aim is to help build your client base, and at £4.99 a month you can enjoy a number of great benefits. What we do to help grow your client base:

  • We promote your StayFit profile on various search engines such as Google and Bing so that when a potential client searches for "personal trainer" your profile will be included in the search results.
  • We use various techniques via social media to promote your profile. Each personal trainer is provided with a personalised advert which includes their name, profile link and ad pic so that we attract clients to you.
  • We provide you with statistical reports of your profile every month to keep you informed of how well your profile is doing.
  • You have access to a number of extra features on the site and we consider your feedback to create new features to help StayFit grow.

Market your personal training skills with StayFit, be a part of a growing network of fitness professionals, grow your client base and share your passion for gym, cardio and sports fitness!